3DS Flex (Hosted)

3DS Flexis the most advanced product on the market for 3-D Secure (3DS). It combines the new standard of 3DS2 with traditional 3DS. To benefit from reduced fraud rates and increased authorisation, take a look at our HPP integration guidelines below.

Prerequisite: You need to be setup for 3DS2, before using it with Worldpay. For more information, contact your Relationship Manager.

Worldpay will handle 3DS on your behalf. Submit yourHPP requestand the shopper is directed to the 3DS challenge response, if required by the issuer.

Note: We recommend providing an orderCode of less than 50 characters for 3DS Flex requests. Where the orderCode is longer than 50 characters, we will truncate it for downstream processing. This adjusted orderCode is only be used in Cardinal's systems.
This doesn't impact the orderCode that is stored internally, the orderCode that is returned to you, or the orderCode that is visible in the Merchant Admin Interface (MAI).

You should consider providingadditional riskDataas described below to increase your chances of a frictionless flow.

Adding Risk Data

Provide additional information in the <riskData> element to increase the chances that the shopper won't be challenged. <riskData> contains three child elements:

We also we recommend submitting the following additional data fields with HPP payment requests:

Note: Do not include a [<state>] data field unless the billing or shipping address is domiciled within the United States or China. In this case the value is two-characters long as defined in the country subdivision code within the ISO-3611-2 specification. Only provide the two characters after US- or "CN-", for example FL for Florida and BJ for Beijing, etc.

Testing 3DS with HPP

Test card numbers

Use the below values in Card number:

Card typeTest card number
American Express343434343434343
Diners36700102000000 and 36148900647913
MasterCard5555555555554444, 5454545454545454 and 2221000000000009
MasterCard Debit5163613613613613
Visa4444333322221111, 4911830000000 and 4917610000000000
Visa Debit4462030000000000 and 4917610000000000003
Visa Electron (UK only)4917300800000000
Visa Purchasing4484070000000000

Magic values

Use the below values in Cardholder's name to simulate the different payment outcomes:

Magic valueScenario simulatedAuthentication OutcomePayment Outcome
3DS_V1_CHALLENGE_IDENTIFIEDSuccessful challengeCardholder authenticatedAUTHORISED
3DS_V1_CHALLENGE_NOT_IDENTIFIEDSuccessful challengeAuthentication offered but not usedAUTHORISED
3DS_V1_CHALLENGE_VALID_ERRORChallenge valid errorAuthentication attempted but errorAUTHORISED
3DS_V1_NOT_ENROLLEDCard not enrolled in 3DS1Authentication offered but not used (Non-Amex)
None (Amex)
3DS_V1_UNKNOWN_ENROLMENT3DS1 enrolment status unavailable (external/internal error)Authentication UnavailableAUTHORISED
3DS_V1_CHALLENGE_UNKNOWN_IDENTITYChallenge failedAuthentication attempted but failedREFUSED
3DS_V2_FRICTIONLESS_IDENTIFIEDFrictionless authenticationCardholder authenticatedAUTHORISED
3DS_V2_FRICTIONLESS_NOT_IDENTIFIEDFrictionless attempted (offered but not used)Authentication offered but not usedAUTHORISED
3DS_V2_FRICTIONLESS_REJECTEDFrictionless rejectedAuthentication rejectedREFUSED
3DS_V2_FRICTIONLESS_VALID_ERROR3DS2 frictionless authentication unavailable (external/internal error)Authentication UnavailableAUTHORISED
3DS_V2_CHALLENGE_IDENTIFIEDSuccessful challengeCardholder authenticatedAUTHORISED
3DS_V2_CHALLENGE_VALID_ERRORChallenge valid errorAuthentication attempted but errorAUTHORISED
3DS_V2_CHALLENGE_UNKNOWN_IDENTITYChallenge failedAuthentication attempted but failedREFUSED