Testing APMs

How the test system works for APMs.

Testing the payment journey

You can test:

  • Order submission: You can submit orders for a variety of APMs and verify different aspects of the order submission process. For example, after you submit an APM order in test, you can check whether the shopper's browser was correctly redirected to a result URL.
  • Authorisation: The simulated authorisation takes place immediately.
  • Capture: In test, a background process runs every 15 to 30 minutes and captures payments that have reached a payment status of AUTHORISED. You can expedite the capture process in test, usingbulk capturein the MAI.
  • Settlement: A simulated payment is settled immediately in test (once you have set it to SETTLED).
  • Refund: You can test the full or partial refund of a payment, as well as multiple partial refunds of the same payment. You can request a refund and then simulate the completion of the refund in test.

Simulated activities in test

When you submit a test order, the system simulates activities that would take place in the production environment.

Activity in the production environmentRepresented in test
The redirection of the shopper to a payment service provider’s payment pages.The simulator is displayed.
The redirection of the shopper to a result URL.Your browser is redirected to a result URL.
For certain types of payments, the shopper completes a payment after a delay.To simulate a delay in payment, you can specify a payment outcome of Pending.
Once the shopper has completed the payment, the PSP authorises it.You use the Authorise feature in the test MAI to manually move the payment to the AUTHORISED status.