Statement narrative

The statement narrative becomes more relevant for many APMs, because it makes for a smoother shopper experience.

The statement narrative is a string that is:

  • Shown to the shopper as a dynamic descriptor on certain APM payment pages (after opening Order Details).
  • Shown to the shopper on their APM statement (after opening Order Details).

Best Practice: We recommend that you populate the statement narrative for APMs where possible because it:

  • Increases shopper confidence by providing continuity throughout the shopper journey. Shoppers see the merchant's narrative on both the merchant site and on the APM payment pages.
  • Provides additional information to the shopper on their statement. This reduces the possibility of the shopper not recognising the transaction, making it less likely that they will query the payment at a later stage.

Narrative position

The <statementNarrative> sits just after <shopper>:

      <statementNarrative>MERCHANT STATEMENT NARRATIVE</statementNarrative><!--We recommend populating this where possible-->

Narrative validation

<statementNarrative> can generally be up to 50 characters long. Different APMs will have different validation requirements - to learn more see the guidance about the specific APM.