pendingURL statuses

When the AUTHORISED result of an APM transaction isn't immediately known, we redirect the shopper to your pendingURL.

The status in the pendingURL shows you the reason why the shopper was redirected to your pendingURL.

For example, the shopper can be redirected to a pendingURL of the following form:


You can use the status information to manage the pending scenario appropriately. For example, by allowing the shopper to retry or select another payment type if an ERROR, FAILURE, or EXPIRED status is returned.

Statuses in the pendingURL can be:

OPENThe transaction is awaiting action by the shopper. This is the result for any offline payment method.
ERRORThere was a technical problem during the transaction.

Note: Some APM providers also return this response when a shopper has cancelled their transaction.

FAILUREThe payment has been refused. This is an uncommon response because:
  • Most APMs involve pre-funding rather than real-time authorisations
  • Transactions are usually cancelled by the shopper rather than declined by a real-time authorisation
EXPIREDThe shopper session has expired.
This status is returned if the shopper initiates a transaction, but does not complete it.