Payment statuses and delays

APM payment statuses

In addition to thepayment statusesexplained in the WPG guide, the below statuses are applicable to APMs.

Note: Some APMs also have their own specific payment statuses. These are explained in the APM guide.

  • Direct model: The shopper has selected a payment method and made the payment
  • Hosted model: The order is created, the shopper has selected the required payment method and provided any additional payment information on the Worldpay payment page
SHOPPER_CANCELLEDThe shopper has cancelled the payment on the APM pages (not always returned - this depends on the APM)
REFUND_WEBFORM_ISSUEDYou have generated a webform for your shopper to fill out, so that they can be refunded
AUTHORISEDThe APM provider has authorised the payment
CAPTUREDWorldpay has received the payment from the APM provider
SETTLEDWorldpay is ready to transfer the funds to you

APM payment delays

The APM used to make a payment determines the delay from the time the shopper makes their payment to the time the payment status changes to SETTLED.

With some APMs, the status continues to show SHOPPER_REDIRECTED for a period of time (which could be several days). For example, there can be a delay with the shopper making the payment and also a delay in the APM authorising the payment.