Note: To learn about the features of Neosurf, there's an overviewhere

How to integrate Neosurf payments:

Direct payment request

For Neosurf payments, the <shopperEmailAddress> is mandatory:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE paymentService PUBLIC "-//WorldPay//DTD WorldPay PaymentService v1//EN" "dtd/paymentService_v1.dtd">
<paymentService merchantCode="YOUR_MERCHANT_CODE" version="1.4">
    <order orderCode="YOUR_ORDER_CODE"><!--Use a unique order code each time-->
      <description>YOUR DESCRIPTION</description>
      <amount currencyCode='EUR' value="7500" exponent="2"/>
      <orderContent>Order Content Here</orderContent>
         <NEOSURF-SSL shopperCountryCode="FR">

Response URLs

If you are using the Direct model, you must specify the successURL, cancelURL, and pendingURL. If you are using the Hosted model, we recommend that you specify these URLs.

After you submit your order, the Worldpay Payment service returns either of the following response URLs:

  • successURL, if the payment is successful
  • pendingURL, which is returned in exceptional circumstances, for example, if there is an unexpected delay in the bank authorising the payment