Authorise, capture and settle

How to move your test payments along to SETTLED, using the MAI and order modifications.


You can authorise any test payment at SHOPPER_REDIRECTED, using the MAI:

  1. Log in to the MAI and click the Production Mode button (bottom left) to switch to test mode.
  2. Click TRANSACTIONS and find and open the payment you want to authorise.
  3. Under Payment Authorisation Simulation, click Authorise.
  4. Click OK to confirm, and change the payment status to AUTHORISED.


Any test payment that is AUTHORISED will be automatically captured by a background process that runs every 15 to 30 minutes.

Use the MAI

To force captures through immediately:

  1. In the test MAI, click TRANSACTIONS and click the Bulk Capture tab. Any payments at AUTHORISED will be listed here.
  2. Select the payments you would like to capture, then click Capture. All selected payments will move to CAPTURED.

Use order modifications

This is explainedbelow.


In the production environment, Worldpay settles funds according to your settlement cycle. In test you can force any payments at CAPTURED or SENT_FOR_REFUND to SETTLED quickly.

Note: In test, the default settlement currency is EUR.

Use the MAI

  1. In the test MAI, click TRANSACTIONS and choose the transaction ID for a payment at CAPTURED or SENT_FOR_REFUND.
  2. Under Payment settle simulation, click Simulate Settlement, then click OK. The payment moves to SETTLED.

Use order modifications

This is explainedbelow.

Use order modifications

Note: You can use order modifications in test to change a payment status, except for SHOPPER_REDIRECTED. For this you must use the MAI as explained above.

To change a payment with an order modification, send amodification requestas normal to our test URL:

To change multiple payments, use ourbatched modificationservice test URL: