Worldwide Payment Gateway guide

Connect to the Worldwide Payment Gateway (WPG), using our XML API.

Why the XML API

The XML API is right for you if:

  • You're developing on behalf of a large, complex business
  • You want access to the full suite of Worldpay features

Integration options

There are two ways to integrate to the Worldwide Payment Gateway (WPG).

The choice depends on thePCI levelthe business supports, and thefeaturesrequired.

Based on PCI DSS level

IfPCI DSSlevel is a crucial factor, the two integrations break down like this:

  • If you are PCI DSS compliant to a level of SAQ A-EP or above, theDirectintegration offers the most features and control. Use the Direct integration with ourClient Side Encryptionservice to prevent the sensitive card data passing through your servers
  • If you collect and handle credit/debit card data because you're already fully PCI DSS compliant, you won't need Client Side Encryption
  • If you want a minimal PCI DSS burden (or a faster integration but with less features), theHostedintegration sends your shoppers to our secure payment pages, where we collect the sensitive data and process the payments for you
  • You can alsoTokeniseseveral payment methods through this integration, and use the tokens through the Direct model

Based on features

To give you an idea of the differences between each integration:



Control of the shopper journey
Better understand your shoppers


Customisable, brandable payment pages

Mobile Wallets
Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Batch orders
Group payments together

Dynamic 3D Secure
Trigger 3DS by rules

Card Payouts
Push original credits to cards

Latin America payments
Take payments and instalments in LatAm

Fraud detection services
Advanced fraud engines

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