WPT Hospitality (HPA) 4.5.00

Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for WorldPay Total Hospitality (also referred to as HPA). Please read these notes thoroughly before installing HPA as they provide detailed information about features, issue fixes, and considerations for using the software.

Release InformationDetails
Software package nameHPA 4.5.00
WPK Jar versionWPK-2.3.0
Previous VersionHPA 4.4.00
Release Date: (DD MM YYYY)30/11/2020
Release Type: (Interim/Initial/QA/UAT/Final Release)Final Release
Development ManagerSharad Jain
Release ApproverDipesh Pathak

WPT HPA 4.5.00 New Features

  • Pay Now (No table transaction) on home screen of V240m PED.
  • Configure messages display on V240m screen

WPT HPA 4.5.00 specification

Pin-padVeriFone P400 with VIPA & VIPA firmware
VeriFone V240m with VIPA, and firmware
Operating SystemWindows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Cards supported for Streamline acquirerContact: Mastercard , Maestro , Visa , Amex , Diners/Discover , JCB
Contactless: Visa Paywave , Mastercard Paypass, AMEX Expresspay
Financial Transactions supportedSale, Sale with Cashback, Refund, Cancel, Gratuity, Pre-configured Gratuity, Donation, Charge & Refund with Token, AVR (Zero-Auth)
Card modesContact chip , Mag-stripe,Contactless ( Visa Paywave, Mastercard Paypass,and AMEX Expresspay)
JRE versionOracle JavaSE: the minimum version supported is 1.8.0_111
OpenJDK: the minimum version supported is 1.8.0_202

HPA 4.5.00 Enhancements and Issue Fixes

KeyDescription of ChangeType
US399486Timestamp on the terminalInitializer logs and yescps logs are different.Issue fix
US399488TerminalInitializer log file have different sizes.Issue fix
F63551HPA unable to process transactions because of file corruption.Enhancement
US399483PED validations for V240m and P400 at time of initialization.Issue fix
US410662Transaction declined because HPA application receives auth ID and PGTR 0 from WPT services.Issue fix
US407931Display OS name, OS version, Java version, Java architecture type and total hard disk space in logs.Enhancement
IDCHOSP-4620When V240m connected in WiFi network moves from one access to another face 8 to 10 seconds to delay in connecting to WiFi networks. This is the issue with VIPA version HF-2.This issue is fixed in VIPA version HF-6
The PED screen goes blank after every completing every 5-7 transactions.Issue fix
If the card remains inserted into PED and POS application sends cancel transaction request, then HPA application sends sometimes busy response and sometimes success response to POS. After fixing this issue HPA application always send busy response if card remains inserted in PED.Issue fix

HPA 4.5.00 Notes and Considerations

1Hospitality 4.5.00 is provided with two separate installers to support Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
RequiredWindows 32 bit operating system with JAVA 1.8 (32 bit) or open JDK 8 (32 bit) version.
Installer Hash211735c3cb5b3e8ae4bc561d7342fa9c

RequiredWindows 64 bit operating system with JAVA 1.8 (64 bit) or open JDK 8 (64 bit) version
Installer Hashf5e71b3c43950f0a366735eb18e8779b
2Hospitality 4.5.00 is provided with full installer only.Remote upgrade from older version will be available in near future.
3Hospitality as Service: If configuring Print Receipt with external printer, do not specify PDF writer or Windows XPS writer.
4When PED battery goes down to below 10%, then V240m PED won’t pick any transaction.

HPA 4.5.00 Open Issues

KeyDescription of Issue
IDCHOSP-2656Sometime Hospitality application experience 2-2.5 seconds delay in response to the Get Table List. This is an intermittent issue with V240m PED configured in WiFi mode.
IDCHOSP-2246V240m PED: ‘Enter table no’ screen refreshes after every 5 minutes and data entered into table number text-box gets clear.
IDCHOSP-3207V240m PED flashes 'connecting please wait' message after 'loading configuration' while initialisation process.