Hospitality Updates

Hospitality Software updates are provided from the Worldpay Total central service. The Hospitality software manages the process of downloading and deploying its software upgrades.

Critical patches

If critical patches needs to be made we will notify affected merchants by email.

Critical vulnerabilities can be reported from various sources:

  • Kernel or firmware patches for the PTS devices provided by the PTS device supplier through Worldpay

  • Hospitality patches provided by Worldpay

  • Java or Operating System patches announced industry wide with potential subsequent patches for Hospitality through Worldpay

Critical vulnerabilities are defined as vulnerabilities considered to pose an imminent threat to the environment, impact critical systems, or would result in potential compromise if not addressed.

Worldpay Total Hospitality upgrades and bug fixes

It is common practice to provide regular upgrades or bug fixes for Worldpay Total Hospitality in the market, and you will be notified by emails if necessary upgrades affect you.

With every version of Worldpay Total Hospitality the updated integration guide will be packaged with other necessary files in the installer.

Connections to enable Upgrade

The software upgrade components are downloaded via https connection. Connection via TLS is supported, however SSL connection is not supported.

For networks that do not support DNS, please ensure that you create an entry in the host's file of the Hospitality host machine to map the domain name to its IP address. This will allow the IP address to be resolved to the domain name and allow the https handshake to succeed.

Hosts file entries

  1. Go to:

    Windows: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

  2. Open the hosts file and add these entries at the end of the file:

Note: On some Windows systems, similar changes might be needed in the lmhosts file. If it is necessary to define entries in the hosts file be aware that these might need changing in future if the IP address of the Worldpay Total domains change. Worldpay will advise in advance of such IP address changes.

Network Access

Worldpay recommends that for full access to the Worldpay Total central service the network within which the Hospitality host machine is located is allowed access to the following Worldpay ip address range. to

Software Upgrade

At the time of initialisation, the Hospitality instance checks the Worldpay Total central service to see if software updates are available. Updates for the P2PE version of Hospitality are mandatory. To enable software upgrades, set the applicable TIDs for the store with the upgrade flag = True.

  • If an upgrade is available, Hospitality starts the upgrade process. If any problem occurs during the installation of the software upgrade, Hospitality displays a message Download Failed - see point 3 in the Software upgrade process section below

  • Problems may occur after a software upgrade if HPA is running as Windows as a Service. In this case, we suggest that you restart the Windows as a Service manually. See the screenshot below

Windows as a Service

Software upgrade process

If an upgrade is available, Hospitality starts the upgrade process:

  1. This message shows when Software Upgrade component initializes:


  2. When Software Download from Server starts this message appears:

    Software Downloading...

  3. When the upgrade is complete this message appears:

    Upgrade Successful.

    If there is an error at any point of the upgrade this message appears:

    Download Failed.

  4. Hospitality uses SHA-512 for verification of downloaded patch file. If the file has been tampered with then this message appears:

    Verification Failed.

  5. Once upgrade is successful you can check the new hospitality version from the Software Upgrade tab in yeseftconfig.

If no software upgrade is available, or the Hospitality software version is already updated to the latest version, Hospitality starts as usual.