ATRAnswer to reset
CDECommon Data Environment
CNPCard not Present
CPCard present i.e. the card is processed via the PED
EFEKEncrypted File Encryption key
EKEKEncrypted Key Encryption key
EMVEuropay, Mastercard and Visa
EPOSElectronic Point of Sale
EVTEasyVTerminal – The name of the YESpay/Worldpay EFT application before it was relaunched as IPC
FEKFile Encryption Key
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
iKEKInitial Key Encryption Key
IPCIntegrated Payment Client – Worldpay’s EFT application.
KEKKey Encryption Key
MSRMagnetic Stripe Reader
OSOperating System
PA-DSSPayment Application Data Security Standard
PANPrimary Account Number
PCI DSSPayment card Industry Data Security Standard
PINPersonal Identification Number
POSPoint of Sale
PTSPayment Transaction System
sFTPSecure File Transfer Protocol
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SSLSecure Socket Layer
TLSTransport Layer Security
YESEFTWorldpay’s EFT Kernel
WPTWorldpay Total