WPT Hospitality (HPA) 4.4.00

Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for WorldPay Total Hospitality (also referred to as HPA). Please read these notes thoroughly before installing HPA as they provide detailed information about features, issue fixes, and considerations for using the software.

Release InformationDetails
Software package nameHPA 4.4.00
WPK Jar versionWPK-2.1.1
Previous VersionHPA 4.3.00
Release Date: (DD MM YYYY)07/09/2020
Release Type: (Interim/Initial/QA/UAT/Final Release)Final Release
Development ManagerSharad Jain
Release ApproverDipesh Pathak

WPT HPA 4.4.00 New Features

  • Bulk configuration of Instances using an XML file :-
    • Schedule automatic bulk configuration of instances through API call time feature.
    • Bulk configuration of instances at application start-up
  • Sending transaction progress messages when transaction initiated by till in pay@table.
  • Screensaver functionality with P400 and V240m PED.
  • Pennies & contactless : Disable pennies prompt for contactless transactions.
  • Check PED connection status transaction request.

WPT HPA 4.4.00 specification

Pin-padVeriFone P400 with VIPA & VIPA firmware
VeriFone V240m with VIPA firmware
Operating SystemWindows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Cards supported for Streamline acquirerContact: Mastercard , Maestro , Visa , Amex , Diners/Discover , JCB
Contactless: Visa Paywave , Mastercard Paypass, AMEX Expresspay
Financial Transactions supportedSale, Sale with Cashback, Refund, Cancel, Gratuity, Pre-configured Gratuity, Donation, Charge & Refund with Token, AVR (Zero-Auth)
Card modesContact chip , Mag-stripe,Contactless ( Visa Paywave, Mastercard Paypass,and AMEX Expresspay)
JRE versionOracle JavaSE: the minimum version supported is 1.8.0_111
OpenJDK: the minimum version supported is 1.8.0_202

HPA 4.4.00 Enhancements and Issue Fixes

KeyDescription of ChangeType
IDCHOSP-4078Change message ‘Replace common files’ to ‘Multiple terminal installation’ on PED.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4022Add tip/donation amount in intra-messages sent to POS.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-306Fix for Card Removal Timeout issue. After fixing HPA application will not wait for the card to be removed from PED and send output response to POS.Enhancement
IDCHOSP-4569PED freeze : PED freeze on pressing cancel button on insert/swipe/tap card screen and reason identified is PED returning unsolicited response.(This will fix same problems on all screens when cancel, clear, enter button is pressed just before display of any HTML screen).
After fixing application behaves as follows :
1. If user press 'cancel button' continuously three times on 'card present' screen then the transaction should be cancelled because HPA application handles unsolicited response only for three occurrences.
2. If user press 'cancel button' continuously three times on any other screen, then application takes action of cancel button.
Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4571When the card is removed mid authorisation : When card is removed in mid of authorisation it could lead up to a delay of a 36 seconds before Second Gen AC and calling in reversal.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4572PED freeze for 2 minutes : When the card is inserted within milliseconds after Present Card Screen is displayed.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4556CTLS transactions are cancelled after tapping card with a error message “Use Correct mechanism to perform payment”.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4573CTLS transactions failing because of ‘’EMVTERMType = NULL’’ received from PED.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4461HPA application not able to utilize during an API call time when new terminal EMV files are downloaded from WPT services and V240 is connected in WiFi mode.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4576Number of Terminalintialiser logs are not configurable and default value is 10. Now, after fixing it can be configurable from configuration utility and bulk configuration.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4579Verifone suggestion - Contactless initialization command is malformed it contain extra zeros after the LRC 010004C0010000C400.Issue fix
Added more loggers for firmware & software upgrade and also displaying few transaction requests from the POS.Enhancement
IDCHOSP-4673Cashback screen freeze (Keypad not working) because of exception 'User Correct device on logs ' to fix this we have handled cancel button unsolicited response in Display Html.Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4619CTLS txns stopped working because of corrupted file uploaded in PED (CTDOL file).Issue fix
IDCHOSP-4672CTLS txns failing and PED freeze because of exception EMV Start transaction command Response: null and DISPLAY_HTML_SELECT_FILE_ERROR.
To fix this we are handling Handle 9F28 (Unsupported card) and 9F25 (Bad Card) response correctly.
Issue fix
Added battery % in logs.Enhancement
IDCHOSP-3260When V240m PED is connected with WiFi and while processing payment or at time of firmware upgrade if WiFi switched off, then PED freezes and won't be able to connect with hospitality application after switching on WiFi. PED reboot establish connection with hospitality application.Issue fixed in VIPA firmware version
IDCHOSP-3214V240m PED freezes when HPA server loses connection to WiFi and PED cannot be recovered without a restart.Issue fixed in VIPA firmware version
Sterling symbol displaying after the amount when using VIPA 6613.Issue fixed in VIPA firmware version for P400 and VIPA version for V240m

HPA 4.4.00 Notes and Considerations

1Hospitality 4.4.00 is provided with two separate installers to support Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
RequiredWindows 32 bit operating system with JAVA 1.8 (32 bit) or open JDK 8 (32 bit) version.
Installer Hashc9106332f14bea04168106828731ebe7

RequiredWindows 64 bit operating system with JAVA 1.8 (64 bit) or open JDK 8 (64 bit) version
Installer Hash8cb690aa77337a6f6a99bda1798d8ffd
2Hospitality 4.4.00 is provided with full installer only.Remote upgrade from older version will be available in near future.
3Hospitality as Service: If configuring Print Receipt with external printer, do not specify PDF writer or Windows XPS writer.
4When PED battery goes down to below 10%, then V240m PED won’t pick any transaction.
5CHM mode with P400 PEDs is tested without stream-connect due to unavailability of latest stream-connect and customer is using latest version of CHM utility for WIN-10.

HPA 4.4.00 Open Issues

KeyDescription of Issue
IDCHOSP-2656Sometime Hospitality application experience 2-2.5 seconds delay in response to the Get Table List. This is an intermittent issue with V240m PED configured in WiFi mode.
IDCHOSP-2246V240m PED: ‘Enter table no’ screen refreshes after every 5 minutes and data entered into table number text-box gets clear.
IDCHOSP-3207V240m PED flashes 'connecting please wait' message after 'loading configuration' while initialisation process.
IDCHOSP-4620When V240m connected in WiFi network moves from one access point to another face 8 to 10 seconds to delay in connecting to WiFi networks.