This tab allows to configure transaction receipt printing.


  • Receipt Dir: Where Hospitality generated transaction receipts are stored, default the location is the absolute location of the YESEFT directory.

  • Print Receipt: By default this option is enabled to allow Hospitality to print receipts from PED using V240m printer. For P400 user can enable it if want to print receipts through external printer.

  • Receipt Width: Maximum width is number of characters in each line for generated receipt, ideal width is 32. If PED printer is selected for receipt printing then Hospitality uses a default width of 32 characters.

  • Printer: All printers installed on the machine are listed in the printer drop down list, enabled only if Print Receipt is enabled.

  • Print Merchant Receipt: If enabled then Hospitality issues the merchant receipt. Otherwise receipts are only issued when cardholder signature verification is needed.

  • Prompt For Customer Receipt: If enabled then the Hospitality application prompts a screen on PED to make a decision on printing a customer receipt.

  • Send Receipt to Socket: If enabled the Hospitality application sends all transaction receipts to POS application on socket for P400 and V240m both PEDs. This functionality works for pay@table and pay@counter both.

  • Receipt port: In this textbox POS can configure port value to receive receipts. The value must be a unique numeric up to 4-5 digits and should be different for each instance.

Example :-

  1. 20001 - Instance 1
  2. 20002 - Instance 2