PED firmware upgrade process

The firmware upgrade process supports Verifone V240 and P400 PEDs.

The firmware upgrade process of the PED is initiated by the Hospitality application and an application is capable of upgrading all connected PEDs together. If an application receives a complete upgrade package, then it unpacks the zip file, applies them on PED, restarts PED and is available with upgraded firmware. PED displays an upgraded version of firmware after a successful process.

If the download of an upgrade package fails, Hospitality application retry twice and if fails again, then PED restarts and revert to the original firmware version, there is no partial upload of upgrade files possible. HPA generates log files to monitor upgrade process.

The upgrade process takes around 25 minutes.


  1. Send the list of terminal IDs (TID) to Account Manager/ Client Delivery Manager and Support Team ( requesting for flagging terminal ids for firmware upgrade. Our team then enables flags on our WPT service's servers and confirms when done.
  2. The currently available firmware upgrade is: VIPA to VIPA for V240.

Steps to start auto upgrade on terminal

  1. Close HPA, if it is running.

  2. Run StartHospitalityServer.bat from the location C:\YESEFT – this starts HPA.

  3. On HPA start up, as the firmware upgrade flag on the terminal id at WPT services is enabled, the auto upgrade procedure commence.

  4. When the upgrade is complete, the PED restarts with the new version.

  5. All the logs related to the upgrade can be found in the C:\YESEFT\logs folder.

  6. Upgrade logs are created in 2 files: upgrade.log and yescps.log.

  7. The progress of the upgrade process can be monitored with the provided logs.