After successful initialisation of Hospitality Application following options display on V240 PED:

  • Enter Table No.

  • Get Txn List

  • List PreSet Txn

  • Pay Now

  • EPOS Receipt

  • Last Txn Receipt

  • Reports

  • Close Table

Pay Now :

Menu option 'PAY NOW' is for only No Table Transactions. This feature enables Hospitality application to process transaction without opening a table. This covers bar, over the counter like scenarios where customer can directly place an order to bartender. It also covers some hybrid scenarios where merchants have tables and some independent orders.

Enter Table Number

'Enter Table Number' textbox on 'Home' screen allows attender to enter the table number which he/she want to process with the payment.

Get transaction list:

When 'Get transaction list' is selected from the 'Home' screen, transaction list with table number and amount is displayed which are available in queue for payment.

e.g. Table 1 - £10 (Here, 1 is table number and £10 is the amount)

List PreSet transaction

By enabling PreSet Number Flag from YESEFT configuration 'Home' screen on PED display option 'PreSet transaction list'. When 'Preset transaction List' is selected then transaction list with table number and amounts is displayed for the PreSet value which is configured in Preset value field of YESEFT configuration.

e.g. If PreSet value 'Garden1' is configured then all the transaction starting with 'Garden1' displays on PED after selecting option 'Preset transaction List'. Merchant can configure any value through which transaction list needs to be filtered.

EPOS Receipt

By enabling 'EPOS Receipt' option form instance configuration then it displays in Hospitality Menu and by selecting this option the receipt can be printed by Merchant. The Merchant can print their own receipt and this receipt can be sent to Hospitality application via File mode / Socket mode.

  • File Path: Merchant can provide the specified location from where application can read the file to print the receipt data. File name should start with 'EPOS' and end with '.txt'.

  • Socket Port: Merchant can provide the receipt data to the specified port. Application will read the data from that port and print it.

Last transaction receipt

This option provides the merchant and customer receipts of last processed transaction.

It acts like a duplicate receipts.


This option provides the X and Z reports in Hospitality application, there is no specified transaction type for X and Z reports. Application display option in menu on pin-pad for reports, one can select it and can proceed with X and Z report.

  • X Report: The X Report returns the current total of transactions in the terminal open batch. Report will be fetched when the terminal is online.

  • Z Report: The Z Report returns the current total of transaction from the terminal batch and also closes the terminal batch once executed. The Report will be fetched when the terminal is online.

Close Table

By enabling remote table closure flag on Hospitality tab. A new menu option 'Close Table' starts appearing in hospitality 'More option' menu for remote table closure. Once enabled it applies for all instances. When the user selects close table from PED a new screen appears which prompts user to enter table Number to be closed, users can now enter the table number which he/she want to close. This table number is sent to POS as a response of close table polling request. Once POS receives a table closure request through polling, a payment request has be sent from POS to complete payment.

Configuration Matrix of 'More option' Menu

S.NoOptions on Main MenuConfigurable on YESEFT Config windowDescription
1Pay NowNoPay Now always appear in 'More option' menu on PED.
2Enter Table NumberYesThis option always appear on 'Home' screen
3Get Transaction ListYes'Home' screen displays 'Get transaction list' when 'Pre Set value Flag' option is disabled in YESEFT configuration.
4List Preset TransactionYes'Home' screen displays 'List Preset transaction' when 'Pre Set value Flag' option is enabled in YESEFT configuration.
5Last Transaction ReceiptNoLast Txn receipt always appear in 'More option' menu on PED.
6ReportNoReport always appear in 'More option' menu on PED.
7Close TableYesClose Tables always appear in 'More option' menu on PED.
8EPOS ReceiptYesEPOS Receipt always appear in 'More option' menu on PED.

Note: S.No 1, 4, 5 and 6 will always be displayed in the 'More option' Menu.