HPA pinpad support

HPA 4.0 supports the Verifone P400 pinpad

Verifone P400

Connection modes supported are Serial, USB, and Ethernet (with pinpad in Client mode)

On powering up for the first time the P400 allows you to select your preferred connection type. Allowed connection options are Serial, USB and Ethernet.

If no selection is made, the selection menu times out and the pinpad defaults to a USB connection. The next time the P400 is powered on, the menu appears once more.

Once a selection has been made, the Comm Mode menu does not appear again. If required, the connection type can be changed by accessing the Engineering menu.

P400 Connection Type selection

  1. On powering up the P400 a prompt to enter a password will be shown

  2. Enter password 2345

  3. The Comm Mode menu will be shown

    Options are


  4. Select the appropriate option for your environment.

  5. The P400 then displays the VIPA welcome screen. Where the Serial or USB connection method has been selected the P400 is then ready for connection with HPA. For Ethernet connection mode a further setup step is required as described below.

P400 Ethernet Connection mode

On selecting Ethernet mode the pinpad is configured with the following TCP/IP parameters

IP mode: DHCP
Server/Client Mode: Client

HPA expects the P400 to operate in Client mode.

As the P400 is operating in Client mode, a further step is required to define the ip address of the HPA host server by accessing the P400 Engineering menu as follows

1) At the VIPA welcome page access the Engineering menu by pressing key 1 and the yellow Clear key ( < ) simultaneously.

2) A password prompt is shown. Enter the Engineering menu password SE915074.

The P400 allows alphanumeric input. To enter letters, press the appropriate numeric key the necessary number of times e.g. to enter S, press the 7 key four times in succession; to enter E, press the 3 key three times in succession. The yellow Clear key ( < ) can be used to delete.

3) Select option TCP/IP setup.

4) Select option Host Setup.

5) Select option Host 1.

6) Enter the ip address of the server where HPA is running e.g.

7) Press Accept on the screen or the green Accept key ( O ).

8) Enter the tcpportwhere the HPA instance that will connect to this P400 terminal is listening for connection.

9) Press Accept on the screen or the green Accept key ( O ).

10) Exit the Engineering menu by pressing the red Exit/Cancel ( X ) repeatedly.

11) On exiting the Engineering menu you will see message Starting Comms. This shows that the P400 is attempting to make connection to HPA on the configured ip address and port. Connection is established if an HPA instance is running and listening on the same address and port.