Hospitality installation instructions


Worldpay Total Hospitality only supports the Windows 8 & 8.1 and Windows 10 (64 bit) platform currently.

Installation of The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.8 as a prerequisite for HPA. JRE 1.8 is commonly referred to as Java 1.8, or simply Java 8. Hospitality supports both Oracle JavaSE and OpenJDK.

Check your java version using "java -version" command on Shell-terminal/command-prompt. If it is not present, or a version below the one specified below is installed, then please download the latest JRE (Java Runtime Environment) from your chosen provider.

Oracle JavaSE: the minimum version supported with Hospitality is 1.8.0_111.
OpenJDK: the minimum version supported with Hospitality is 1.8.0_202.

Hospitality complies with mandates to remove SSL and early versions of TLS provided that Java 1.8 or above is installed. Hospitality will not be installed if Java version is below 1.8.

It’s good security practice to keep your Java versions updated. Following the release of the last free Java 8 update in January 2019, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee to update your current version of Oracle Java 8. Oracle offer a free version of Java called Open JDK alongside to the charged version, but this version only works with 64 bit operating systems. Alternatively, you may wish to use Amazon’s long term free support for Java 8 using Amazon's Corretto. This production-ready distribution of Open JDK works on 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. You can download it using the link below:

For Windows

Please download the appropriate Windows JRE and install it. After the installation of JRE, a popup will appear to uninstall the older java version.
If there are no other applications that are dependent on the older java then uninstall the older java application (recommended). However, if other applications are dependent on the older java then follow the instructions below • In order to ensure availability of the older JRE path for other applications, the older JRE path needs to be added at the start of system PATH variable. • For information on how to set the system PATH variable please check the below URL

  • The latest JRE path needs to be set in JAVA_HOME variable in /YESEFT/setenv.bat file after installation to instruct Hospitality to use the latest JRE. Normally this is set via the Hospitality installation process

Installation process

  • Download the installer Worldpay Total Hospitality -version- 3 .x.x.exe. he installer implements an integrity check that means Worldpay Total Hospitality cannot be installed if the installer file has been modified or corrupted during download. Worldpay provides one installer for P2PE Merchants .

  • Please see theinstallation stepsbelow to install.

  • Once Hospitality is installed, seeHospitality configurationfor configuration details.

  • Run StartHospitalityServer.bat to start the Hospitality application.

Installation steps

  1. Run the installer and click Next.

  2. Select the folder where the application will be installed. Press Next to continue.

    Note: By default, it selects C:\\YESEFT. This can be changed if required, but the folder name must be YESEFT. For example, a valid directory would be C:\\MYPOSDIR\\YESEFT.

  3. The installer will now display the program name (EasyVTerminal) and create the EasyVTerminal folder in the Start Menu. Uncheck Create a Start Menu folder to avoid a shortcut in the Start Menu. Press Next to continue.

  4. Click Finish to complete setup.