WeChat Pay

IPC version 2.3.2 supports the WeChat Pay barcode payments flow.

To start a WeChat Pay sale transaction, you, the merchant, must scan the barcode displayed on the shopper’s WeChat Pay wallet app. Once scanned, you submit the payment request with scanned barcode to IPC.

General information

All WeChat Pay transactions are made in ONLINE mode.

The transaction processing flow for WeChat Pay sale transactions with a barcode is the same as for keyed transactions in IPC.

Devices, regions and currencies

  • Supported payment devices for WeChat Pay transactions are the P400, Vx820 and iPP350.

  • Supported regions for WeChat Pay transactions – UK, Germany, Netherlands, France and the ROI.

  • Supported currencies for WeChat Pay transactions – GBP, EURO (limited to the country coverage stated).