The objective of the TruRating services is to display a question on the payment device while a customer moves through a point of service (i.e. till, kiosk, self-checkout).

A single question is displayed to a paying customer and the customer's rating response (generally 0-9) is a single key press, or a timeout. Transaction data, including basket and discounts data, can be passed to the TruRating application in real-time by the POS/payment application. TruRating uses this information to provide more detailed consumer insight back to the merchant.

TruRating has been integrated with WPT solution as a customer rating service. This shares the customer rating entered in the payment device and the transaction data shared with TruRating for their further use, analytics and forecasting.

TruRating will provide feedback/analytics based on customers’ ratings directly to merchants. The scope of WPT is to collect customers feedback during the payment process.

TruRating services has been integrated with IPC using the following payment devices:

  • iPP350 (min. RAM version 16.06)

  • Verifone P400 (min F/w

  • Verifone Vx820 (min F/w

Key operations:

  1. Get Question from TruRating: It asks TruRating for the question, which TruRating forward to IPC to display on the payment device.
  2. Submit Rating: The user gives a reply to the question in terms of a rating, IPC forwards the rating to the TruRating service along with the basic transaction data.
  3. Apart from the rating varying from 0-9, IPC sends certain values for certain cases. These vales are -1, -2 and -4.
    • -1 is sent only if a question is displayed to the customer and if customer presses a key on the payment device other than 0-9
    • -2 is sent in all cases where you have a question, and it is displayed on the payment device. But no keypress from the customer is received. This indicates the question timed out.
    • -4 value indicates that TruModule had a question, but an error occurred presenting the question to the customer on the payment device.

TruRating Question Screen:

The picture shows a TruRating question on the payment device. The customer can press a key to give a rating from 0-9 or s/he can ignore the question.