Custom Screensaver for Verifone P400 and VX820

This is a feature for merchants to display their logos or images on payment devices. The image appears as a screensaver whilst the device is in an idle state. This functionality is available on Verifone Vx820 & P400 payment devices.

General information


Keep images you want to display in these folders:

  • For P400 – YESEFT/images/ScreenSaverImages/Verifone/p400/resources/image

  • For VX820 - YESEFT/images/ScreenSaverImages/Verifone/Vx820/resources/image


Supported Image formats are .jpg and .png

Image size should be less than 500 kb.

Image dimensions should be less than 600 x 800 (width: 600 pixels and height: 800 pixels).

Idle time information

Configure the idle time and interval time (time between consecutive images displayed) through in YESEFT/properties folder.

For example, screensaver.intervalTime=5 screensaver.idleTime=20

Give the time in seconds. If the system cannot find the file, then default values are used.

The screen saver starts after the configured idle time.

Idle time occurs after two main events in IPC:

  • IPC is idle after it is initialized.

  • IPC is idle after a transaction completes/times-out/cancelled.

Idle time and Interval time limits:

  • Idle time: 20 – 180 seconds

  • Image change Interval time: 2 - 20 seconds

If the time you enter exceeds the maximum limit or is less than minimum limit then default values are used.

NOTE: Idle time is the time before the screensaver image or images appear on the payment device.

Other information

No Screen saver is displayed if there are no images in image folder.

The maximum number of images you can use is 15.

You must number the images between 1-15 with each image file name starting with its number. For example, 1abc.png, 2def.png, 7.png, 8.png.

If there are any issues in reading properties files, then default values are set.

The images are sent for display to the payment devices during IPC initialization. This occurs only if the contents of the folder: resources/image is changed.