About Alipay

IPC-231 supports Alipay barcode payments.

To start an Alipay sale transaction, you, the merchant, must scan the barcode displayed on shopper’s Alipay wallet app and submit the payment request with scanned barcode to IPC.

Supported Alipay Transactions:

  • Sale with additional authentication/password.

  • Sale without additional authentication/password.

  • Refund

  • Cancel

Note: IPC version 2.3.1 supports both full and multiple partial refund attempts against an Alipay sale transaction.

General information

All Alipay transactions are made in ONLINE mode.

The transaction processing flow for Alipay sale transactions with a barcode is similar to the way keyed transactions are processed in IPC.

Devices, regions and currencies

  • Supported PEDs for Alipay transactions – P400, Vx820, iPP350 and iWL250

  • Supported regions for Alipay transactions – UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the ROI

  • Supported currencies for Alipay transactions – GBP, EURO, USD (limited to the country coverage stated)