Getting started

You will receive your VeriFone Vx820 PED within a security sealed inner box, inside an outer box.

The VeriFone Vx820 PED will be in the inner box. This box will show the serial number (PTID) of the PED on the outside.

Included in the box is a plastic bag containing a small screw to secure the cover over the PIN Entry Device (PED) cable enclosure.


Vx820 Device

You can find the serial cable in the outer box. The part number is CBL282-023-01-A.


Serial Cable

Setup with IPC

You will need to install and configure IPC to your requirements. See the PA-DSS topics for more detail.

To configure IPC you'll need:

  • Your EMBOSS Merchant ID (MID)

  • Your Terminal ID(s) (TIDs)

You can find your EMBOSS MID and TID(s) in the welcome email

If you have not received your welcome email, please contact the Worldpay Total Support team using the above email address, or call 08453 666015, selecting option 2.

Connecting the Serial communication cable

Serial cable

VeriFone Connector Block

The serial cable (part number CBL282-023-01-A) has a serial (nine pin D RS232) connector at one end, and a VeriFone connector block at the other end. This cable lets you power the Vx820 PED from the serial port of your EPOS till when it's plugged in.

Note: You must not use a cable converter, such as serial to USB, to convert the connection type.

To connect the cable to the Vx820 PED:

  1. Slide open and remove the panel at the back of the PED which covers the VeriFone connector socket.




  2. Insert the cable’s VeriFone connector block into the socket:


  3. Close the covering panel. You can secure this shut by using the M2.5x8 screw supplied in your box.



  4. Connect the cable’s serial (RS232) connector to an available serial port on your EPOS till system.