Replacing your Vx820 PED

To replace your Vx820 PED with a new device please follow the instructions below.

The replacement PED must be one provided by Worlpday in accordance with P2PE Chain of Custody requirements. If in doubt, please contact Worldpay Total Support:, or phone 08453 666015 and select option 2.

  1. Exit IPC by right-clicking on the IPC icon in the Windows icon tray:

  2. Power off the EPOS till.

  3. Remove the Vx820 PED from its serial connection to the EPOS till. We recommend removing the PED by detaching the cable from the serial port of the EPOS till.

  4. Connect the new PED and cable to the appropriate serial port connector of the EPOS till.

  5. Power on the EPOS till.

  6. Start IPC.