Verfione P400

Connection modes supported are with IPC-2 are Serial, USB.

On powering up for the first time the P400 allows you to select your preferred connection type. Options available are Serial, USB and Ethernet. Please note however that Ethernet connection is NOT supported with IPC-2.

If no selection is made the selection menu will time out and the pinpad defaults to USB connection. The next time the P400 is powered on the menu will appear once more.

Once a selection has been made, the Comm Mode menu does not appear again. If required, the connection type can be changed by accessing the Engineering menu.

P400 Connection Type selection

  1. On powering up the P400 a prompt to enter a password will be shown
  2. Enter password 2345
  3. The Comm Mode menu will be shown Options are
    • Serial
    • USB
    • Ethernet
  4. Select the Serial or USB as appropriate option for your environment.
    Note: Do NOT select Ethernet
  5. The P400 will then display the VIPA welcome screen. Where Serial or USB connection method has been selected the P400 is then ready for connection with HPA.
  6. Once the connection method has been set using this process, the Comms menu will not be shown again. If there is a subsequent requirement to change the connection method, this can be done via the Engineering Menu

a) At the VIPA welcome page access the Engineering menu by pressing key 1 and the yellow Clear key ( < ) simultaneously.

b) A password prompt is shown. Enter the Engineering menu password SE915074 The P400 allows alphanumeric input. To enter letters, press the appropriate numeric key the necessary number of times e.g. to enter S, press the 7 key four times in succession; to enter E, press the 3 key three times in succession. The yellow Clear key ( < ) can be used to delete