Transaction issues – EPOS server seems to be down

“EPOS server seems to be down” is shown in the logs.

This may cause the following issues:

  • Transaction times may take longer than normal.

  • You may see a higher amount of referred transactions where IPC prompts for voice authorisation.

  • You may see a higher amount of declines, particularly for Debit Cards and high value transactions.


IPC could not connect to one or both of the URLs for the Worldpay Payments Hub. In some cases, this may be because one or both of the URLs is not responding to IPC connection requests. The URLs in use are shown in the logs above.

Possible scenarios

  • If IPC can't connect to the primary URL it will try the secondary URL. Depending on the type of fault, IPC will try the primary URL until the configured timeout value expires. By default, this is set at 10 seconds.

    If it can't connect, it will try the secondary URL. The net effect will be a delay to every transaction.

  • If IPC cannot connect to the primary URL or the secondary URL:

    • Contactless transactions below the floor limit will be approved offline as normal.
    • If there is no stand-in limit configured, contactless transactions above the offline limit, chip and PIN, and Magnetic Stripe Read (MSR will be referred. IPC will ask for the sales operator to enter a voice authorisation code.
    • If a stand-in limit is configured, chip and PIN transactions up to the limit will approve offline (if the card allows it)
      Contactless, MSR, Keyed, and Chip and PIN transactions which cannot be approved offline (such as Maestro and Electron) are referred for voice authorisation.


Check the internet connectivity from the IPC host machine to the primary / secondary URLs by using a browser on the computer hosting IPC.

If the connection succeeds you'll see this message in your browser:


Note: It is important to make sure that your browser's proxy settings are the same as those in IPC. The browser could be configured to connect through a proxy, whereas IPC is not.

You should also contact the Worldpay Support team to check if any issues are being experienced at the Worldpay Payments Hub.