Steps to verify connection with WPT server post whitelisting of the URLs are:

Please note: The WPT datacentres do not respond to icmp ping tests.

  1. The first level test is to browse the above URLs e.g. If DNS is unavailable, then use the ip address e.g. This should be done via a browser on the till itself. Ensure that the browser is configured to reach the Internet via the same route as IPC would use e.g. the browser shouldn’t be directed off to a different proxy server

  2. If ok, the following message will appear for both the targets: SOAP RPC Router Sorry, I don't speak via HTTP GET- you have to use HTTP POST to talk to me.

  3. The second level test to check connection to the service is to attempt telnet connection to the primary and secondary targets e.g. telnet 443. If DNS is unavailable, then use the ip address e.g. telnet 443

  4. If successful, the connection attempt will receive a response on both primary and secondary targets. The telnet connection should then be dropped e.g. Ctrl ] to end the session.

  5. If there are still the issues in connecting with the WPT service please contact