Upgrading from EVT 3.4.x.x to IPC

Upgrading EVT to IPC is possible only by mini-installer with EVT v and above. In case of EVT version is below, seeClean installationfor more details.

To perform a manual upgrade we provide a mini-Installer (executable file). This file must be deployed and run on each host PC where EVT is installed. The default installation location selected by installer would be C:\YESEFT, choose a different location if EVT is installed in any other directory.

To download the mini installer, please contact the WPT support team for the dropbox link. Send an e-mail to to get the password protected package.

The mini-installer runs in two modes of operation: attended mode where input is requested for prompts; or silent mode where the installer runs with default settings and does not prompt for user input.

Running the mini-installer in Attended mode

  1. Execute mini-Installer executable file on the host PC host and click Next on the welcome screen

  2. Click Finish after the setup is done to exit.

  3. After this process is successfully completed, the client software will be updated to version IPC v1.1.1. The version can be can checked by running YESEFTConfig.bat, or by inspecting the contents of YESEFT/version.txt.

In the YESEFTConfig utility, the version is displayed on the top of the window.

Running the mini-installer in Silent mode (Windows only)

  1. Open up Command window and change directory to where the mini-installer is located.

  2. Executing the installer using followed -q switch will run the mini-installer in background.

Example: C:>EVTG-3419_to_IPC2-111_Upgrader.exe –q

Note: To upgrade EVT beyond IPC v1.1.1 requires an additional upgrade step which can be achieved by either auto or manual upgrade.