Auto upgrade

Please make sure the host PC has access to these URLs on port 443:

  • (IP -

  • (IP -

  • (IP -


  1. Close EVT/IPC from the system tray, if initialised.

  2. Run the file “YESEFTConfig.bat” from the location C:\YESEFT on your system.


  3. Go to Software Upgrade tab and check the Auto Upgrade option and then click Apply and Ok to save the changes.

    Warning: If you don't click Apply and Ok your changes won't be saved.

  4. Run “StartPOSServer.bat” from the location C:\YESEFT – this will start IPC.

  5. On IPC start, the value of the upgrade flags at WPH is checked, and if either software or firmware (or both) upgrade flags are set, the auto upgrade procedure will commence.

  6. When the upgrade is complete, IPC restarts as the new version. If a PED firmware upgrade has been performed, the PED is also restarted.

  7. The progress of the upgrade process can be monitored through the logs provided, see examples below.

All the logs related to the upgrade can be found in the C:\YESEFT\logs folder.

The log messages are found in upgrade.log and yescps.log.

Note: Once the IPC upgrade is completed, the PED firmware upgrade will start automatically if the TID is flagged for automatic firmware update. SeePED firmware upgrade process. The IPC automatic upgrade will upgrade your application to the latest IPC version.