Secure delete instructions

For Windows

You can download SDelete from:

Steps to install and use SDelete:

  • Download the zip file and extract sdelete.exe file on your computer.

  • SDelete is a command line utility that takes a number of options. In any given use:

    usage: sdelete.exe [-p passes] [-s] [-q]...

         sdelete.exe [-p passes] [-z|-c] [drive letter] ...  
     -a         Remove Read-Only attribute  
     -c         Clean free space  
     -p passes  Specifies number of overwrite passes (default is 1)  
     -q         Don't print errors (Quiet)  
     -s or -r   Recurse subdirectories  
     -z         Zero free space (good for virtual disk optimization)

To specify the file/folder to delete, you can:

  • Type the full path to the file/folder.

  • Go to the folder that contains the file/folder you want to delete, then type file/folder name.

C:\Software\SDelete>sdelete.exe -p 1 C:\YESEFT\MainReceipt.txt
SDelete is set for 1 pass.
1 files found

For Linux (CentOS and Suse)

The Shred installation can be checked with:

Which shred

You can install Shred with this:

sudo apt-get install coreutils


Shred –v –n 25 –u –z Filename


Shred –v –n 25 –u –z /home/POS/YESEFT/MainReceipt.txt

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