Online refund for Europe (except UK and ROI)

From April 2020, Visa and Mastercard require online authorisations for all refunds (credit vouchers/purchase returns) for European merchant. UK and ROI merchants are exempted till April 2022.

At present the WPT system supports all the Acquirers depending on their system readiness to support online refunds.

  1. The WPT client software application, IPC, will decide if a refund should be sent online by checking:

    a) Scheme/Brand of the refund request. b) Acquirer of the route associated with the refund

  2. Once the refund request arrives at worldpay total host, it will also check if online refunds are allowed at the Merchant level.
    The refund will be sent on line to the acquirer if the Merchant level flag is set.

    • By default, online refunds will be enabled for all European Merchants • Online Refunds will be disabled only for those European merchants that are excluded from the mandate (e.g. airlines) • For merchants where online refunds are disabled, worldpay total host will send an acceptance response to IPC

  3. Refunds will not require CVM.

    • Signature based card refund should be processed without signature e.g. magnetic swipe transactions, pan-key entry and Chip and Swipe • Chip card refunds will be processed without PIN • Online PIN Contactless refunds will be processed without PIN • CNP Refunds will not check AVS

  4. It is acceptable if no authorization code is returned from the acquirer for an online refund transaction.

  5. In case of worldpay total host receiving a referral response from the acquirer for a refund, IPC will accept the refund i.e. offline acceptance. IPC will not prompt referral for refunds

  6. In case of any connectivity issues, refunds would be processed offline. IPC will provide appropriate information in the transaction response so that Integrators/Merchants can determine if the refund was accepted online by the issuer/acquirer or accepted offline.