Using the Reference Build in Production

Once the Reference build is present on all the tills, the remaining step is to configure each IPC installation with its unique MID and TID details (as below). This step is performed when the till is ready to go live.

Pre-requisites for a successful installation:

Configure the IPC instance with its unique MID/TID

Use EMBOSS-Setup.bat, or for a scripted installation, use EMBOSS-SETUP-NC.bat

Note: The MID you will use at this stage is the EMBOSS MID supplied by Worldpay. This MID is separate to the acquirer MID supplied to you. The acquirer MID is not relevant at this stage and should not be used. If you have any queries please discuss with your Worldpay contact.

Start the IPC application

This enables IPC to connect with the PED and also to contact the Worldpay Payments Hub and pull down centrally held configuration details for that TID.

IPC will then be ready to perform card transactions.