IPC Configuration

To enable contactless transactions please select the pinpad option for contactless e.g. iPP350-CTLS or iWL250-CTLS

Note: For the US, please ensure that the Country is changed to United States and the appropriate PED is selected.


For production installation you will be supplied with MID and TID details by your Worldpay contact. You will need to use these for testing purposes.

Multiple Terminal Installation Error

This error is a consequence of the differences between the test and production platforms. The error presented will be "multiple terminal error". You will need to follow this process to proceed with testing:

Note: This is only applicable for testing. Do not take this script into production.

  1. Copy all the files present in C:\YESEFT\CommonFiles\conf directory into directory C:\YESEFT\conf.

  2. There are two files, copy all the files except present in directory C:\YESEFT\CommonFiles\properties folder to the directory C:\YESEFT\properties.

  3. There will be three files, run StartPOSServer.bat file to start EVT.