This tab shows transaction receipt functionality.

YesEFT Configurations - Receipt

  • Receipt Dir: Where IPC generated transaction receipts are stored, default location is the absolute location of the YESEFT directory.

  • Print Receipt: Enable to allow IPC to print receipts. Once enabled IPC shows the PED printer check box or all printers installed on machine in the Printer list. In Linux IPC supports only the PED printer and TM-T70-i-XML printer.

  • Receipt Width: Maximum width in number of characters in each line for generated receipt, ideal width is 36-40. If PED printer is selected for receipt printing then IPC uses a non-configurable default of 42 characters.

  • Send Receipt to Socket: If selected receipts are sent to the specified TCP port.

  • Receipt Port: If Send Receipt to Socket is selected, then receipts are sent to the configured port, 20000 by default.

  • Printer: Shows all printers installed on the machine. Select a printer from the list if receipt printing is handled by IPC, available if Print Receipt is enabled.

  • Print Merchant Receipt: If enabled then IPC will issue merchant receipts. Otherwise receipts are only issued when cardholder signature verification is needed.

Not applicable for Semi-Attended and Kiosk environments as merchant receipts are not issued in these environments.

  • XML Printer IP: Enter IP-address of XML printer if TM-T70-i XML printer is selected in the printer list.

  • Disable Receipt Header: Removes merchant name and address information from the receipt, by default in the receipt.