General Configuration

This tab enables configuration of commonly used IPC features


  • Pin Pad/PED: Used to configure the PED to be used with IPC. If no PED is available then select No Card Reader from the drop down list.

    Note: For Linux (CentOS and Suse) Operating System, the Miura PED is not supported. Supported PEDs are:

    • VeriFone Vx820
    • iPP350
    • iPP350-IP
    • iWL250-IP

  • COM Port: Select the com port through which the PED is connected to the PC, this option is not visible for IP PEDs.

  • Card Inactivity Timed out: The time in seconds when the transaction times out if no card is presented.

  • Ask Gratuity: Adds a facility to prompt the cardholder for gratuity at the time of payment.

  • Enable PIN Bypass: If enabled IPC provides an option on the IPC window (GUI) to Bypass PIN for ICC transactions. If the PIN is bypassed then successive cardholder verification depends on the card.This is currently available only for US offline PIN transactions.

  • Check card Timeout: The timeout for when a transaction is cancelled if no sale, pre-authorisation, refund or cancel is received within that time. The default is 10 seconds, but can be up to 30 seconds.

  • Disable Cancel: If enabled the Cancel option should be disabled on IPC window (GUI) at the time of PIN prompt and initial card insertion state (currently this feature is not supported).

  • Debug Mode: In debug mode TVR, TSI and CVMR are printed on the receipt.

  • Extended Debug Mode: In this mode, additional information is printed on the receipt. Examples are 9F26, 82, 9F27, 9A, 9F1A, 9F10, 9C, 9F37, 9F02, 9F03, 9F36, 5F2A, IAC ONLINE, IAC DENIAL, IAC DEFAULT, TAC ONLINE, TAC DENIAL, TAC DEFAULT.

  • Auto Sensing COM port: In case of multiple instances, autosensing flag will remain switched OFF & disabled (greyed out) for all the instances. The PED will be able to make connection only with the fixed comport.

  • PinPadPort: Only applies when an IP PED is selected. This is the TCP socket port for communication between IPC and the PED. The Default port is 5000 for the default instance.

  • Amount Unit (In Resp.): The Transaction amount field return in response by IPC to the EPOS application can be configured as Major (i.e. Pounds, Euros) or Minor (i.e. Pence, Cent).

  • CashBack & Gratuity (In Resp.): The CashBack & Gratuity fields returned in response by IPC to the EPOS application can be configured as Major (i.e. Pounds, Euros,Dollars) or Minor (i.e. Pence, Cent).

    Cash back is not currently supported for United States.

  • Offline Stored Transaction Limit [5-1500]: The number of offline transaction that can be stored in “YESEFTTransactionLog.xml” if Internet connectivity is not available, and must be between 5 and 1500. The default value is 20. Once the stored transaction limit is reached, IPC will not process any new transaction requests and will return a busy status in response to the EPOS application.

  • Online Verification Of Credit/Debit: This option applies to the Checkcard transaction request. If enabled IPC sends a request online to WPH for Credit/Debit card identification. If disabled IPC attempts to identify cards as Credit/Debit using locally held tables, which are not as detailed as the tables held at WPH. If connection is not available to WPH, IPC will default to using its local tables.

    Note : For US, Check card is performed online. Check Card identifies card type as Credit, Debit and Hybrid card based on the BIN ranges held at WPH.

  • USA Debit as Credit:This option is only applicable to United States region/country selection. This option allows IPC to provide a choice to the customer to process a Debit card falling under a specific BIN range, to be processed either as Credit or Debit. This is only applicable to the cards falling under specific BIN ranges which are identified to allow both Credit and Debit mode of processing. Depending on the selection by the customer, IPC will place the request as Credit or Debit. If this check-box is disabled, IPC will not provide an option for selection even for such Debit cards, and will process them as Debit.