Helpful Hints and Useful information

Entering Letters

You may need to enter letters whilst using your terminal. Most numeric buttons have the alphabetical characters allocated to them written on the keys.

To enter a letter, press the relevant number button and then the MENU button to scroll through the letters until you select the character required. To enter the next letter you must again select the relevant number button. To enter a space press the 0 button followed by the MENU key.

If a mistake is made when entering numbers or letters, press the YELLOW button until the incorrect numbers or letters have been removed. Then re-key the correct entry. Once all the numbers or letters have been entered press the GREEN button to accept the entry.

Security Warning

This terminal is used for the secure transfer of funds using credit and debit cards and is designed as a high security device.

Should you suspect that the terminal might have been removed, stolen, modified or replaced then you should advise Worldpay Total Support immediately and stop using the terminal until advised by the Worldpay Total Support accordingly. This is to protect both your business and people who will continue to use your terminal. Please be vigilant at all times and check your terminal regularly.

Contact the Worldpay Total Support team or

Maintaining Connectivity

Your terminal unit should be left in your retail premises and plugged into a 24-hour power supply and telephone line at all times.

  1. If the terminal display is blank, ensure the terminal is plugged into the power supply.
  2. If you have poor quality printing or a blank receipt, change the paper rolls and ensure it is the correct way round.
  3. Keep your Supervisor card in a secure place. Anyone with access to this card may perform unauthorised refunds. If your terminal is configured for Supervisor code Then strongly advise that you do NOT write this down or give this to anyone. Should you need to give it to an employee please ensure you keep