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This guide provides guidance to partners, resellers and merchants on how to implement and integrate the Integrated Payment Client (IPC) application into their environment in a PCI DSS compliant manner. The software should facilitate and support a merchant’s PCI DSS compliance.

For more detailed information about PCI compliance, see the PCI Security Standards Council website,

IPC interface

IPC is a Java based application that manages the flow-control of payment card transactions by interacting with the EPOS application over a socket or file interface. Card transactions using magnetic swipe, smart card EMV Chip and PIN, and contactless tender methods are supported by IPC.

IPC provides the User Interface for EFT processing so the main EPOS application does not need to be EFT intelligent, simply initiating EFT transactions and printing completed receipts. All EFT processing events, screens, and data entry are performed through user interface screens from the IPC Console.

Note: For partners who prefer not to use the IPC Console, an alternative in provided via the IntraMessage port, seeIPC console Message to socket interfacefor further information.


IPC-2-Series and History

The EasyVTerminal application manages EFT transaction processing. The application is owned by Worldpay UK after the acquisition of YESpay International in March 2013 and underwent PA-DSS certification in 2014. In order to meet the PA-DSS certification requirements, some necessary changes were made to the application.

IPC-2 is referred as IPC in this document, all versions of EasyVTerminal prior to IPC are referred to as EVT in this manual.

The IPC software manages the processing of the EFT transaction. The IPC components are the IPC Console, managing the Interaction with the EPOS application; and the YESEFT kernel module, managing the interaction with the PED and the Worldpay Total (WPT) central service. Please seeIPC integrationfor more information.

Distribution of guide and installers

The integration guide is available online from the Worldpay Developer website (

Once a new version of IPC is available the installer will be copied to the Worldpay Dropbox folder. The Worldpay Operations, Corporate Implementation, or Partners team will then generate a temporary link to allow the download of the installer.