Launching the IPC application

This section shows you how to start the IPC application:

  1. Double-click on StartPOSServer.BAT. This is located in the EasyVTerminal installation folder.


  2. The IPC launch screen will appear:

  3. Click Unblock if prompted by any security programmes installed on your EPOS operating system (Windows Firewall example above).


  4. The Vx820 screen will display your welcome message, by default this is ‘WorldPay – IPC’.

  5. The Vx820 is now ready to accept card payments.


  6. In the Windows icon tray you will see the IPC icon. Right click the icon to access the IPC menu. You can use this to exit from IPC, or show or hide the IPC UI screen. The IPC screen is usually hidden unless it is active.