Clean installation

Clean installation refers to uninstalling the existing IPC or EVT application and installing the latest version using the IPC installer executable.


  • Send the list of terminal IDs (TID) to Account Manager/Client Delivery Manager and Support we reset the keys on your terminal ids. Our team will then reset the terminal ids keys on our WPH servers and confirm when done.
  • Make sure the host PC has access to the URLs inIPC updates.
  • The computer user has administrative privileges.
  • If there are any transactions stored offline (size of YESEFTTransactionLog.xml>1 KB), ensure to backup below files from location C:\YESEFT\conf:
    • YESEFTTransactionLog.xml
    • YESEFTTransactionLog-tmp.xml
  • The PEDs should be on minimum firmware versions required, which are:
    • Vx820 - VIPA 7816
    • P400 - VIPA 7816
    • iWL250 - RAM 0973
    • iPP350 - RAM 0973

If PEDs are on different firmware versions than mentioned above, seePED firmware upgrade process.

Steps to perform clean installation on terminal

  1. Close EVT/IPC from the system tray, if initialised

  2. Uninstall the existing IPC/EVT application from Control Panel, using Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features options

  3. Unzip the downloaded installer using the password provided

  4. Run the executable file and follow the installation wizard

  5. Once the installation is completed, click Finish

Note: The default installation location selected by installer would be C:\YESEFT, choose a different location if IPC needs to be installed in any other directory.

Note: For further configuration , seeIPC configuration.