IPC console Message to socket interface

IPC provides a mechanism to emulate the IPC window (GUI) by providing a mechanism to send the IPC messages to, and take command inputs from, an EPOS application.

IPC can be configured to send the GUI messages on a TCP/IP socket called the IntraMessage port. The messages correspond to the prompts displayed to the EPOS operator via the IPC UI window.

The EPOS application connects to the designated IntraMessage port in client mode to receive and respond to messages. The IntraMessage port is a separate port to the Request and Receipt ports configurable through the YESEFTConfig utility.

IntraMessage port messages are in the form of key values separated by a linefeed character (Hex. 0A) and are terminated with the characters 99=0 (Hex. 39 39 3D 30).

There are two kinds of IntraMessage port messages sent by IPC: synchronous and asynchronous mode.