Minimum Configuration Required

This section describes the minimum configuration required for IPC.

  • Run the EMBOSS-Setup.bat/sh file. This will ask for Merchant ID and Terminal ID.

  • Run YESEFTConfig.bat/sh to configure the minimum required parameters given below.

General Configuration

  • Environment Selection: Select your environment, the IPC application supports POS (Retail) and Semi-Attended. Based on selected environment IPC will display the list of countries, languages and supported PEDs.

This is a matrix of environment, countries, languages and supported PEDs:

POSUK/ROIEnglishIngenico iPP350, Ingenico iWL250, VeriFone Vx820,Verifone P400 Miura
POSFranceFrenchIngencio iPP350,Verifone Vx820
POSGermanyGermanIngenico iPP350, VeriFone Vx820, Verifone P400
POSNetherlandsDutchVeriFone Vx820
POSUnited StatesEnglishVeriFone Vx820
Semi-AttendedUK/ROIEnglishIngenico iPP350, VeriFone Vx820

Note: For Linux (CentOS and Suse) Operating System, the Miura PED is not supported. Supported PEDs are:

  • VeriFone Vx820
  • iPP350
  • iPP350-IP
  • iWL250-IP

  • Pin Pad Selection: Select the PED. The PED list is the same in P2PE and Non-P2PE installers.

  • Comport Selection: Select the com port through which PED is connected to PC.

Minimum Configuration Required for Linux

Minimum Configuration Required for Widnows

Communication Interface

Communication Interface

Select communication mode between IPC and EPOS application.

  • Socket: Select this option if a socket connection will be used by EPOS to communicate with the IPC to send transaction requests.

    By default the port number is 10000.

  • File: Select this option if file will be used by EPOS to communicate with the IPC to send transaction requests.

    The default location for input/output directory is the absolute location of YESEFT.

Note: You must not use a cable converter, such as serial to USB, to convert the connection type.