Hosted IPC

This tab shows options to configure IPC in Hosted Mode.

YesEFT Configurations - Hosted IPC

  • Is Hosted IPC: Must be enabled to use IPC or IntraMessage functionality.

    If enabled all the IPC window (GUI) messages will be sent on the IntraMessage port and the IPC GUI won't be displayed. If the you wish to show the IPC GUI as well then check Enable GUI when Hosted option in the Look n Feel tab.

  • IntraMessage Port: All IPC messages are sent on this port.

  • IPC-1 Intra message Compatibility: Provides backward compatibility for applications using IntraMessages and upgrading from EVT 2.2.6.x to IPC-2.

  • IPC As a Service*: This option provides functionality to run IPC application as Service. It applies only if Is HostedEVT is selected.

Note: IPC As a Service is currently not catered for United States country.