Payment Options

Taking a Chip & PIN payment

To take a Chip and PIN transaction the card should be inserted with the chip facing uppermost.

The terminal can detect if a chip card has been swiped as a magnetic card. If the card has not been previously inserted, it will prompt you to insert the card. If the card is inserted the wrong way or there is a problem with the chip, the terminal will prompt for the card to be removed and re-inserted.

The terminal will prompt when the card is to be removed.


Swiping a Card through the Magnetic reader

The card should be swiped with the black magnetic stripe in the magnetic swipe slot and facing the terminal. Make sure that the bottom of the card runs firmly along the bottom of the card swipe and that the card is swiped at even speed. The speed of the card swipe should not be too slow as this can sometimes cause problems in reading the card.

Taking a Contactless Transaction

Where a contactless transaction is allowed, the terminal display will show the contactless symbol. When this symbol is displayed on the screen the cardholder should present their card against the screen. If the card is removed too quickly a message will appear on the display and the cardholder will be asked to present the card again.

LED’s will light at the top of the terminal during different parts of the transaction.

The cardholder should hold their card against the Contactless symbol on the display of the terminal.


The Contactless Symbol will be shown on the display.