Key Features

High performance

Whatever your business, the iWL252 will support you throughout the most intensive working day, helping enhance productivity and efficiency. Built around the industry proven, powerful Ingenico Telium2 platform, it offers outstanding battery life – up to 650 transactions – plus the fastest printer ever integrated in a payment device.

One of the lightest, smallest devices on the market, the iWL252 provides an effortless customer experience. Its innovative user interface has a wide backlit keypad, offering perfect display readability

Rugged enough to cope with even the toughest working environment; the iWL252 provides reliable support for payments, using the latest technologies to offer full wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

These portable terminals meet state-of-the-art security standards with full PCI PTS V3 certification.

It also supports worldwide security certifications, for complete reassurance in secure data and application management.


The iWL252 is a Bluetooth class 1 device supporting Bluetooth v2.1 EDR. The indoor range is 70m but can be impacted by environmental factors. Various obstructions can reduce the level of the wireless signal. These include: walls, screens, lift shafts, steel girders, kitchen fittings, doors, glass mirrors, metal objects, and kitchen equipment. Please consider these facts when placing and using your terminal.

Charging Cycle

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours charging time before installing this terminal.

Battery Operation

The terminal displays the Battery Power status as a number of bars. There are a number of factors that can affect the rate of battery drain:

  • Length of time off the base

  • Number of receipts per transaction

  • Time before sleep mode is activated

  • Time between transactions.

Depending upon a number of factors, you might experience variation in the number of transactions performed for each bar on the Battery Power display.

Please check the battery status prior to initiating any action on the handset. Should it indicate ‘very low’ (no bars) or ‘no power’ then you should return the handset to the base to charge the battery.

Function Keys

Black Option Keys: Function keys enabling scrolling up and down menus.

Menu Key: To enter the application menus press the Menu key from the READY prompt. Pressing the key again moves to the next menu (if available).

Correction Keys: When entering numbers or letters, the yellow CLEAR (bottom row centre) deletes one character at a time whilst the red CANCEL (bottom Left) key deletes the entire line (this key also cancels transactions).

Confirmation Key: The green ENTER key bottom right is used to confirm anything that has been typed into the terminal.

Replacing the Till Roll

Hold the terminal securely in one hand. With the other hand, and by using two fingers, lift the printer cover release as shown. Fully open the printer cover and remove the old roll of paper.

Unstick the end of the new roll, leaving the end free, hold the paper roll as shown and carefully place into the printer compartment.

Holding the free end of the paper and the terminal, close the printer cover and push firmly until it locks.

Paper Feed Key: To test the feeding of the paper through the printer, press and hold the CLEAR key.