Getting started

When you receive your Ingenico iPP350 the box should contain:


  • Ingenico iPP350 Chip & PIN card reader

  • Serial (RS232) cable. We provide an alternative cable type separately if you have ordered one*

  • Power Supply (all COMMs cable options except 2m USB)

  • 2 x M2.5x8 screws (included with alternative cable options only)

Note: If you need an alternative cable type to the Serial (RS232) option please contact the Worldpay Total Support team on 080453 666015 (option 2) or

Required during setup

Please ensure you have the following items before starting the set up process:


  • Terminal ID(s)*

  • Phillips head screwdriver (not included)

  • Mains power socket (all COMMS cable options except 2m USB)

  • Network switch/router (Ethernet/RJ45 COMMs cable option only)

  • Ingenico iPP350 USB drivers (2m & 4m USB COMMs cable options only)

  • EasyVTerminal version or above

These are in the Welcome Email If you have not received your Welcome Email please use the above email address to contact the Worldpay Total Support team or call 08453 666015 (option 2).