Configure RS232 (serial) COMMs method

By default the iPP350 is configured for RS232 (Serial) connectivity. Use these instructions if you change to an alternative COMMs method and need to change back to RS232:

  1. Press Menu on keypad

  2. Select RA1

  3. Enter password “1985” and press Enter on keypad

  4. Select Comms Method

  5. Select RS-232. Top of screen displays “METHOD (RS232)”. Press Clear to return to previous menu

  6. Select Comms Speed

  7. Press 1-4 on keypad to select the COMMs speed appropriate to your EPOS solution

  8. “115200 bps" option visible after pressing on keypad to scroll down

  9. Top of screen displays selected speed, press Cancel on keypad to exit menu

  10. “RS232” appears in top-right of screen and Serial COMMs setup complete.