Connection requirements

IPC requires access to the WPT central payment service on the URLs listed below for transaction processing and performing upgrades.

Note: IPC cannot perform initial configuration functions without access to the WPT central service. Access must be available the first time that IPC is initialised following a fresh install.


Transaction Primary URL:

Transaction Secondary URL :

Upgrade URL:

Worldpay IP range

Worldpay strongly recommended that you enable https access from your network to the complete IP address range below. This will enable current access to the WPT payment service urls and allow access following any future network or service enhancements by Worldpay.

IP Range: to

Port: 443

IP Addresses

For those partners unable to utilise global DNS in their networks we advise that local DNS records are maintained to enable local host lookup.

The current (2020) ip addresses corresponding to WPT urls are as follows. These addresses could change in the future and Worldpay will advise well in advance of any changes. New addresses will be within the Worldpay IP range detailed above.