Automatic Download Functionality

This functionality will enable IPC to download the latest dataset, properties, firmware, software and language files automatically without any manual restart.

  • IPC will attempt to download the latest updates once in every 24 hours.

  • The time at which download will be attempted is specified in Merchant Dataset tag : APICallTime

  • If IPC is unable to connect with WPH in the first attempt , it will retry 2 more times in an interval specified in Merchant Data Set tag : APICallTimeInterval

  • Automatic downloads will take place only when PED is not in use.

PEDs Supported

  • Verifone p400/Vx820: Datasets, properties, software, firmware and language files can be downloaded automatically.

  • iPP350: Datasets, properties, software & firmware can be downloaded automatically.

  • iWL250: Datasets, properties and software can be downloaded automatically.