Error codes

Security token error codes in our response message.

200Unexpected errorUnexpected error occurred.
201Authentication failedAuthentication failed.
202Missing or malformed request bodyMissing or malformed JSON object: description of error.
203Unknown Token Provider ProfileProfileId X does not exist.
204Unauthorized actionThe Merchant account does not have the requested permission.

205Action not supported by providerToken provider X does not support tokenize detokenize action.
206Missing required fieldRequired field X was not supplied.
207Invalid field formatField X value Y is in the wrong format. Expected format is Z.
208Invalid field valueField X value Y is invalid.
209Invalid field lengthField X value Y length must be Z.
Field X value Y must be between Zmin and Zmax in length.
Field X value Y cannot be less than Z.
Field X value Y cannot be greater than Z.
210Missing required configurationProfile configuration item X is missing.
211Invalid configuration valueProfile configuration item X is invalid.
300Connection failedCould not connect to token provider X.
301Provider failureProvider X could not process the request.