Security tokens

Use this API to provision security tokens from various systems using multiple token types.

Security token management service

Use this service to:

  • Exchange a token
  • Tokenize a raw card or account number
  • Detokenize to obtain a raw card or account number

Merchant integration

A Merchant directly sends tokens from any supported token providers and obtains a token for the same raw value from another token provider. The Merchant can send a raw value and obtain the associated tokens from the supported token providers.

To exchange a token, a Merchant provides the token and indicate the token provider for which they want a token returned. For example, an XiSecure token can be exchanged for a Vantiv Omnitoken.

A Merchant can send a raw card for account and request one or more token types for that card. Or the Merchant can send any supported token type and obtain the raw value.

When requesting tokens, a Merchant must specify one or more token types to be returned.