IPS has Worldpay tokenisation ability. This allows you to share tokens between IPS transactions and online payments through the Worldpay Payments Gateway (WPG).

Cards and wallets

You can tokenise these cards with IPS:

Card name
American Express (AMEX)Mastercard

See theTokenisationsection on the Worldpay Developers site for more information on tokenisation.

When you view the Tokenisation section on the Worldpay Developers site, these sections apply to IPS:

  • Choose Token format
  • Merchant token – from merchant and shoppers tokens
  • Token sharing
  • Token expiry – including changing the token life
  • Have tokens from a previous provider
  • Recurring transaction decline codes – This is handled by the token store already. We need to pass it back to the merchant.

These sections do not apply:

  • Cards and wallets
  • Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)
  • Configure secure HTTPs URL – In POS this is integrated with EMBOSS